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Natural and fresh pasta

From our kitchen to your plate, pasta is freshly prepared every day in accordance with the best Italian gastronomic tradition.

We select the best flours and doughs with fresh eggs and water in a perfect combination of traditional recipes and the use of new trends.

You can’t miss the fresh wheat pasta, the fresh egg pasta, and the fresh wholemeal pasta but you will also find lasagna, cannelloni and ravioli that are very fresh, tasty and filled with selected raw materials.

With the passionate and meticulous selection of raw materials and our artisan experience in pasta processing, we provide a vast choice of both traditional products, with chestnut flour or cuttlefish ink, right up to “pansoti di magro”.

1/1 The best Italian gastronomy

The products we make are 100% natural, without the addition of preservatives and additives. Careful research of raw materials, including a scrupulous selection of suppliers, and constant monitoring of production processes, ensure complete traceability of the entire supply chain and guarantee that each product is healthy, safe and tasty.

1/2 The culinary combinations

The culinary combinations are potentially infinite, as are the joys they offer to the palate. By way of example, the tradition of fresh Italian pasta is so ancient that it is lost in legend and intertwined with other stories of pasta, such as the “lagane” of Ancient Rome known today as tagliatelle.