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ClientNewspaperDateMarch, 2020AuthorJim CarterShare

Exclusive flavours

Refined refinement of fine cuts of meat in a menu full of international products. Frequently updated, the menu follows tradition and innovation, bringing exclusive dishes to the table enhanced by the highest quality raw materials.

Our menu dedicated to meat offers different varieties of possibilities from the best producers of beef and lamb. For all meats, the quality is carefully selected from the highest pedigree and defined by breed and feed to give unparalleled tenderness and flavour.

That’s why we stand behind every steak we serve. Our autonomous approach allows us to control the quality of our product at every stage, from procurement to maturation to knowing who butchers our meat. An elite approach to be able to bring our customers dishes in line with our dedication to serving only the highest quality product available in Switzerland.

The art of smoking.

Born as a food preservation technique, smoking has evolved over the centuries and today it is an art that is increasingly appreciated for its versatility because it allows you to add an extra touch to your cuisine or cocktails. The basis of smoking is the exposure of the food to the smoke, generated by the combustion of wood or aromatic herbs, which, based on their quality, give a characteristic flavor.